About Us

Our Approach

Working together with my husband, the grower, we believe in using organic products and as few chemicals as possible to come up with a product that is truly beneficial to your health.  From forgoing traditional pesticides to using only organic butters, sugars, and flours in my baked goods, we believe it's important to pay attention to what you are putting into your body.

Our Story

After self-medicating with marijuana for 20 years, my husband and I were finally able to become legitimate medical marijuana patients when we moved to California in 2012.  We moved back to Massachusetts in 2014 and registered here, as well.  I used marijuana to help ease the symptoms of my migraines, neck pain, and anxiety and my husband used it for his debilitating back pain - but we mostly smoked it.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2016, and I quickly learned that getting the medicine into my digestive system would be more beneficial for me so I learned how to make cannabutter and infused oils.  Once I perfected those, I was able to start making baked goods and meals - effectively getting the medicine right where it needs to go!  Since then, I've also learned how to make capsules and suppositories filled with marijuana-infused coconut oil. My goal is to be in remission without taking any over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

Meet the Team

Medical marijuana is truly a family business for us.  Jeremy's mom grew marijuana in northern California for almost 30 years before retiring.  Now we grow and share our knowledge and passion with anyone who will listen.  Jeremy is a member of the Massachusetts Grower Advocacy Council and the founder of The Harvest Cup, New England's Premier Cannabis Competition!  Jeremy is the grower, I'm the baker/maker, Cass is the trimmer, and Trev is the taste-tester.

jeremy and jenn october 2016

Jeremy and Jenn Borjeson

Grower and Founder/Baker/Maker

Jeremy is the grower - Jenn is the founder/baker/maker!  We love sharing our passion for medical marijuana and we're hoping to teach as many folks as possible how to safely grow and consume their own medicine.  Jenn is also an Independent Representative for Young Living Essential Oils and you can learn more about that here.  Jenn can be reached at Jenn@theharvestcup.org and Jeremy can be reached at Jeremy@theharvestcup.org


Cass Borjeson


My daughter Cass is my best friend, my baking buddy, my trimmer, and my partner in crime!  Cass learned to trim in California and her skills are in demand back here on the East coast.  Cass is also an aesthetician and loves cats.  You can reach Cass at cassborjeson@icloud.com


Trev Borjeson


My son Trev is my biggest fan and suggester of what I should bake next!  Trev is a veteran of the US Navy, where he was a Culinary Specialist.  He loves coming up with new ideas for things I can medicate and bake and he especially loves taste-testing those ideas!  Trev can be reached at trevorborjeson@icloud.com