New Beginnings!

Good morning!  I’m excited to announce that I gave my 2-week notice at work last week, my last day is May 19.  There were a ton of factors to this decision, but the most important one is my health.  I need to get this ulcerative colitis under control – I’ve lost 70 pounds in the past year without trying and I can’t seem to stop losing.  Although I love being thinner, I do not love being sick.  So – I’m going to spend the Summer focusing on myself.  Healing.  Baking.  Walking. Enjoying the sunshine.  Taking care of ME.  I might even join a gym.  I’m definitely going to be more physically active.  And I plan to devote some time to my businesses – baking and making skin care products and just enjoying life on my own terms.  I am looking forward to having my morning commute change from a 40- minute drive to a 30-second walk!  I spent some time last weekend organizing my craft room – I don’t spend much time crafting at all anymore, so I have a feeling this room is going to turn into more of an office.  I’m not giving up on my crafting, but life is taking me in a different direction right now.  It’ll be there when I’m ready to get back to it.  The thing that I have to remember is to stay disciplined – it’s too easy to get distracted when you’re working from home…. I plan to establish a routine early on: get up, get dressed and put on make-up as if I’m going to work, have coffee and breakfast, start the day!  I’m afraid if I don’t do that, I’ll end up turning into a daytime-TV-loving-couch-potato…. HA!  That’s definitely not me!

So last week I saw a video recipe on Facebook for homemade Nutter Butters.  And of course I immediately thought “I could make those…. medicated….” UM, YEAH.  I did it.  They are absolutely, ridiculously, perfectly kick-ass.  They taste so damn good, I could not stop eating them Saturday.  Neither could my hubby.  Let’s just say we both slept like babies Saturday night and could barely get out of bed Sunday…. in a GOOD way…. hee hee

So stay tuned – the Nutter Butters were a trial run and I made them a little bit too big this time.  I’ll definitely be making them again, a little smaller, and adding them to the cookie line-up!  Peace.


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